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Clean Show Report (3)

Headlining part three of my Clean Show coverage is my presentation of Sankosha’s new single-buck shirt unit and their new companion Collar/Cuff press. At first glance, this new unit dubbed LP-5600U, looks like many other Sankosha shirts except for this….I’ve been writing this column for well over 20 years. I have not been covering the […]

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Clean Show Report (2)

This month, I present to you part 2 of my Clean Show coverage. This month I will cover Forenta and Hi-Steam. I have several videos for your perusal. In every case, focus your smartphone camera over the various QR codes to view the movie that is described in the caption associated with the QR code.

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Cut labor for real

A few months ago, I was working with a production manager in the Midwest.  There was an urgent need to cut labor at this plant.  Everyone was in agreement; the owner, the general manager, as well as my student, the production manager.  After 3 days of experimenting with various ways to cut labor, the plant

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Christmas Wish List

Happy December! It is time, once again, for my annual Christmas Wish List.  Annually, I plea to the great St Nick for products that don’t exist yet but I believe should.  These are products of my imagination that, in my view would help plant operators run more efficiently.  These are products that would fill a

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Dumb things that people do

Have you ever heard the expression “pennywise and dollar foolish?” It is so easy to get caught up in that vortex while in the shirt business.  This month, I present to you a few examples. A long time ago I stopped scrubbing collars on shirts.  My rationale was pretty simple:  why would I want to

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Looking for a manager?

Let’s face it.  It’s difficult to find managers in this business.  Wait.  Let me be more specific.  It’s difficult to find qualified managers in this business.  This is a very inconvenient truth because I believe that the most valuable investment that you can make – the one with the most significant return on investment –

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