Clean Show Report (2)

This month, I present to you part 2 of my Clean Show coverage. This month I will cover Forenta and Hi-Steam. I have several videos for your perusal. In every case, focus your smartphone camera over the various QR codes to view the movie that is described in the caption associated with the QR code.

Forenta has overhauled their line of laundry presses with a load of new features. In no particular order:

  1. Gone are the steel braided steam hoses that are prone to leaking, breakage and kinking. Forenta has now switched to insulated Teflon hoses that also remove the burn hazard associated with the steel braided steam hoses. Drycleaning presses also have this feature as well.
  2. Forenta’s signature one-handed control – the perimeter bar versus the two-handed buttons – can now be had with a timer. This is something that was previously not possible.
  3. And speaking of the two-handed buttons, these are no longer pneumatic, but rather electric.
  4. A very important safety feature has been added.  See Pictures 1 and 2.  The sensor shown in the picture notifies a computer the position of the head.  It forces the operator to leave their hands on the actuators until the head is fully closed.  Long gone are the days when a presser could put a book of matches under one of the buttons and just use one hand.  The electric eye waits for interference from the chassis part that I have labeled “A” in Picture 2.  When that piece moves downward, the electric eye sends a signal to the computer allowing the operator to remove their hands from the actuator buttons.  Excellent safety function.

Forenta proudly displayed their single buck shirt unit.  I really like this unit.  It amazes me how easy it is to operate and how easy it is to do a quality shirt.  Whenever I operate it, there seems to be fewer steps than on other units, although that probably isn’t true.  I guess that it is just easy to operate, simple as that.

Forenta also moved the air regulator assembly to the outside of their machines (Picture 5) where they are easier to service and view. One last thing that Rusty Smith, President of Forenta, was very proud of was how they made a small but significant change to their drycleaning suzy. Rusty explained to me that the control box was available as mounted either on the right side or on the left side, but either configuration presented challenges for the plant operators. They are now shipping their new suzies with the control boxes mounted in the center for infinite flexibility for the purchasers. (Picture 6)

Hi-Steam demonstrated their Turbo 440 shirt unit. I am especially fond of the Titanium spring forms used for the short sleeves. Short sleeve devices for blown sleeve units all seem to have one issue or another, but this simple device is quite clever albeit incredibly simple.

We will have one more bite at the apple next month when I show you a shirt unit that can press a shirt in 10 seconds from Sankosha! And a terrific feature that I have wanted for many years from Pony. Next month, same time, same channel!


Donald Desrosiers

Donald Desrosiers

Don Desrosiers has been in the laundry and drycleaning industry for over 30 years.  As a management consultant, work-flow systems engineer and efficiency expert, he has created the highly acclaimed Tailwind Shirt System, the Tailwind System for Drycleaning and Firestorm for Restoration.  He owns and operates Tailwind Systems, a management consulting and work-flow engineering firm.  Desrosiers is a monthly columnist for The National Clothesline, Korean Cleaners Monthly, The Golomb Group Newsletter and Australia's The National Drycleaner and Launderer.   He is the 2001 winner of IFI's Commitment to Professionalism Award.  He has a website at and can be reached at or my telephone at 508.965.3163

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