Hand washing Neckties

If your goal is to wetclean 100% of your volume, hand washing is essential. I have always said there is nothing you cannot wetclean. No matter how delicate a garment is, there is always a way to process it beautifully. That’s why you must hand wash on certain items. You might prefer machine washing but no machine can do as delicate a job as your hands. And when it comes to neckties, hand washing is the safest and cleanest method. Neckties are not a staple of a drycleaner and 3, 4 a day is probably the norm. Just 5 minutes of hand washing will take care of them without any twisting.

Neckties are mostly silk. What makes them difficult is the bias cut most neckties use and this can cause severe twisting in a washer. Separation of the shell fabric and lining is also another problem.

Stains on neckties are relatively easy to remove since they are mostly food or oil stains. The spotting solution in the picture is made with Aqua Master Stain Out (16oz) + Grease Out (16oz) + water (1gal). It is a neutral solution and will safely remove most stains. Make sure you use a very soft brush.

Fold ties neatly

To prevent separation of the shell and lining, fold ties neatly to a size of your palm.

Hand Washing

Put waster and soap in a bucket. The amount of soap is just enough to create bubbles. Too much soap can create problems with color.

Start with lighter colors. Hold it in your hands and wash gently. 20 seconds should be enough. Rinse under running water for about 20 seconds.


After washing and rinsing, conditioner treatment is essential in restoring the feel and sheen of silk. Put enough water to submerge neckties and add about 1.5oz of Aqua Master conditioner. Gently move the neckties for about 20 seconds and hang them on hanger dripping. Or you can soak them in the conditioner solution for 20~30 minutes. There is no danger of color running so you can put both lights and darks in the same bucket.



After the conditioner treatment, just hang them on a hanger. Don’t squeeze them and let them drip. If you keep them in the boiler room, even the same-day service is possible. Once dry, they come out very nice and seldom needs additional finishing. Of course, some will not dry to a smooth finish and have wrinkles. In that case, spray lightly with water, put in a net bag and tumble dry for about 5 minutes.

Yangsoo Kim

Yangsoo Kim

The author is the developer of Aqua Master wet cleaning chemicals and is currently operating Green Life Cleaners, a 100% wet cleaning service. You can contact him by phone (201) 699-7227 or email at yangkim50@gmail.com.

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