Wetcleaning by Sohn, E7, Tumble ‘Cleaning’ and Oil Stain Inspection & Removal

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Mr. Sohn shows you why tumble drying is an essential part of proper wetcleaning. He also shows how easy it is to take care of remaining stains, mostly oil stains, after wetcleaning.

[Dark-Gentle Parameters]

  • Neutral detergent, no-scent
  • Water temp: 35 ℃ (95℉)
  • Water level: High enough to cover all clothes
  • Drum rotation: once per 30 seconds
  • Wash cycle: 20 minutes
  • Natural Drain
  • Rinse with silicone-based conditioner (1oz per 10 pieces)
  • Gentle extraction – A couple of drops of water when you hang them to dry.

[Tumble Drying Parameters]

  • Load size: clothes should be able to move freely inside the drum
  • Drying Temperature: Low (*Drying temperature does not really matter.)
  • Drying Time: 5 minutes

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