US Western Multitex Spring Show drew big crowd

For the Spring Show, Sankosha set up its Press Free Finisher with its Automatic bagging machine.

US Western Multitex held it 2024 Spring Show from March 22 to March 24. During the show, top brand equipment like Union, Sankosha, Fulton, Daniel Steam exhibited various products and services.

“US Western Mulitex sells the only top-tier products,” said Kenneth Park, CEO of the company. “The Spring Show is a prime example of our philosophy.”

The Show’s theme was “Production Automation,” and Sankosha set up its Press Free Finisher with Automatic Bagging Machine to demonstrated the next step in automation.

“The post-Pandemic economy requires cost cutting through efficiency improvement,” said Ken. “We are trying to improve the efficiency of two of the most labor-intensive operation, pressing and bagging.”

Factory representatives from Union and Miele were present to answer any questions from the cleaners.

Daniel Steam showed its Zestos, a unique return tank system that improves boiler’s efficiency and life.

Anyer showed its detergent and spotting products that enables even the beginners to do wetcleaning and luxury goods.

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