Imesa’s new Venice wetcleaning system receives good review from

Stuart Ilkowitz demonstrates the operation of its new Venice wetcleaning system in front of members

Imesa USA held a demonstration for its new Venice wetcleaning system on February 14th. The demonstration was held at the request of wetcleaning group members.

Company CEO Stuart Ilkowitz said “ members wanted to see the new Venice system since last year but the pandemic situation delayed it a whole year” and pointed out “Venice wetcleaning system has many break through new features for the beginners as well as experts.”

Myung S. Sohn, the technical adviser to the wetcleaning group said “we have been waiting for a system that allows the operator to change working parameters like water level, drum rotation and time even during a program” and noted “Venice is the first such system since Aqua Solo from many years ago.”

Venice wetcleaning system is composed of 60 pound washer and 75 pound dryer. The washer is capable of 400G extraction thanks to its soft-mount suspension and its water circulation/spray jet allows gentle mechanical action even when the drum is not moving.

Venice dryer runs on steam and can control drum/fan speed and moisture. Its automatic vent on top cuts down on drying time significantly.

Dennis Ahn, the authorized dealer for Imesa USA called the Venice system “a great news for people who need to remove perc system in a co-located building” and announced a “special discount for the first 5 buyers.”