Trevil is hosting an Open House on Nov. 14th

Trevil’s showroom in Clifton, NJ is set up like a dry cleaner. Open House is scheduled for November 14th.

Trevil America will be hosting another Open House on November 14th at its showroom in Clifton, New Jersey. This will be the second show since the Grad Opening 2 months ago. Trevil plans to host regular Open Houses at its showroom for the convenience of dry cleaners in the area.

“The pandemic has wiped out all the exhibitions for the last 2 years and I would like to demonstrate what modern European equipment can do,” said Stewart Ilkowitz, president of Trevil America. He also added “we are also available for a private demonstration as long as you make an appointment.”

The showroom is set up like a dry cleaner and have the latest pressing machinery including Princess Ultra, PantaStar, Trevistar CR2 and Presto FC.

It also has Venice Hydroclean wetcleaning system as well as Ipura drycleaning machine from Columbia. Venice Hydroclean System is composed of 60 lbs. high-extraction washer with circulation pump and 75 lbs. steam dryer with drum and fan speed control. The system has practically unlimited programing capability with instant manual adjustments of washing parameters.

Ipura dry cleaning machine can be used with hydrocarbon or silicon solvent. It runs without a chiller, steam, bolting down, extraction, spring and base tank. It does not need powder or other additives.

He can be reached at 973-535-8305 or Its website is

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