Settlement of Rainbow POS’ Copyright Infringement of Royal Western Computer Branded Royal Touch™ POS

JK Systems, Inc agrees to immediately stop selling Rainbow POS in the Marketplace

(Hackensack, NJ, August 18, 2021) – As a part of the Settlement Agreement between United Merchant Services, Inc (“UMSI”) (, JK Systems, Inc and Ho Kim (together “JKSI”), UMSI announced today that Rainbow Point-of-Sale (“POS”) software by JK Systems, Inc for dry cleaners will no longer be marketed, sold, or serviced in the United States as Rainbow POS had infringed Royal Western Computer branded Royal Touch™ POS software owned by UMSI. UMSI further announced that all dry cleaners currently using Rainbow POS must stop using the software immediately as JKSI’s Rainbow POS infringed on the intellectual property rights of UMSI.

In order to minimize interruption to current Rainbow POS users’ business operations, UMSI urged dry cleaner owners to reach out to UMSI in order to exchange infringing Rainbow POS with legitimate Royal Touch™ POS software license and/or Royal Touch™ system from UMSI or its authorized resellers. For a limited time, Rainbow POS users may qualify for a low cost Royal Touch™ POS license or Royal Touch™ system as a part of UMSI’s license conversion incentive program. UMSI has established a web site at to provide additional details and information on how Rainbow POS users can contact UMSI.

Chief Executive Officer of UMSI, Jay Yoon stated, “Royal Western Computer’s Royal Touch POS is a well-known and one of the most widely used dry cleaner point-of-sale solutions in the United States. With the execution of this settlement agreement between United Merchant Services, Inc, and JK Systems, Inc, we are finally able to announce that Rainbow POS infringed the intellectual property rights of United Merchant Service, Inc’s Royal Touch™ POS which was acquired back in 2019.”

UMSI’s General Counsel, Dongjoon Kim cautioned that “Rainbow POS users found to be continually using Rainbow POS after today’s announcement, will be subject to copyright infringement claims under the Federal Copyright Act. 17 U.S.C. 504 which provides for statutory damages and penalties for willful infringement. I would like to urge all dry cleaners currently using Rainbow POS to contact United Merchant Services right away to avoid willful infringement claims filed against them.” Mr. Kim further noted “that only authorized UMSI personnel or UMSI resellers are permitted to sell and service Royal Touch POS. If business owners are unsure whether Rainbow POS is being used, they are urged to contact UMSI to confirm and avoid unnecessary legal headaches. License conversion offer will be in effect until December 31, 2021, after which there may be higher conversion fee, and therefore I urge business owners to stop using Rainbow POS and contact UMSI right away. ”

Mr. Yoon further added, “We urge all dry cleaners currently using Rainbow POS to immediately stop using the software, and reach out to United Merchant Services right away.”

United Merchant Services, Inc owns the exclusive rights over Royal Western Computer branded Royal Touch™ POS, and markets Royal Touch™ POS through United POS Solutions, Inc (“UPSI”) under an exclusive license arrangement and through UPSI’s network of resellers.

United Merchant Services, Inc. (, is a leading payment and point-of-sale services provider with over 25 years of experience in the payment industry. United POS Solutions, Inc. (, is a leading point-of-sale solutions provider specializing in various verticals including restaurants, retailers, salons and dry cleaners. UMSI and UPSI constantly search for ways to introduce latest technology and intelligent business solutions that complement each other by providing tightly integrated payment services and POS solutions to merchants in the United States.

UMSI may be contacted at 800-260-3388 Extension 6702, Mr. Ee Sef Lee ( for further information about the Rainbow POS Exchange program. Additional information about the settlement can be found at the following web site

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