Setak Teuk Gong Dae chooses Innoclean

Washswat's #2 Smart Factory now has 4 Innoclean dry cleaning machines.

Setak Teuk Gong Dae(Cleaning Commando), the number 1 mobile cleaning service in Korea, has chosen Innoclean dry cleaning machines for its #2 Smart Factory(Barim 2). It was the first cooperative project between KTE, Innoclean’s head company in Korea, and SN International and it entails 3 units of Innoclean Premium AC900(40kg) and 1 unit of AC600(27kg).

Washswat that runs Cleaning Commando chose Innoclean for its cleaning quality and production speed. Barim 2 factory’s monthly capacity is 600,000 to 700,000 pieces. While it employs wet cleaning as well, dry cleaning is its main production method.

Established in 2015, Washswat has successfully received roughly $15M funding from KB Securities and T Investment, bringing its total funding to over $25M. Cleaning Commando is currently offering O2O cleaning service in Seoul and Kyungi area and plans to expand its smart factories to support its growing business.

Innoclean is widely recognized in Korea for its cleaning quality and production speed and has become the choice equipment for large factories.

KTE plans to lead the market with eco-friendly products and smart factory system further ensuring customer satisfaction.

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