Self-service dry cleaning robot is installed in a multi-family building for the first time

[ – 2022.06.01] One of the county’s largest multi-family real estate developers is tapping into the Atlanta high-tech startup ecosystem to attract new tenants.

Alliance Residential has put a custom Presso robot in one of its latest Upper Westside Atlanta properties for all tenants to access five-minute, on-premise dry cleaning services.

Nishant Jain, Presso’s co-founder and CEO, told Hypepotamus that while the team had seen use cases for their machines in multi-family properties before, they had not worked with any partner on the scale of Alliance, which operates units across the Metro Atlanta area and the larger Southeast.

“[Alliance] took a leap of faith on us and even changed the building plans to enable this to happen,” Jain said. “They are ​pioneering this technology into the multi-family space. I think that is huge for the industry.”

To date, Presso machines have been used by trained back-of-house staff at hotels, on film sets, or in the basement of Atlanta Tech Village.

A self-service dry cleaning robot has been installed at Broadstone Upper Westside building in Atlanta.

“This is the first time Presso is in a public space,” Jain told Hypepotamus. “We had to make sure we optimized the interface to convey all the information to help a complete stranger understand what the machine does and how to work it without any help. Making this self-service was the biggest challenge but also the biggest win for us this year.”

“All the companies before us are working on just pick up and drop off services,” added Jain. “The only innovation to happen was on the logistics side. This is the first time we’ve actually fundamentally upgraded the base technology. We no longer have to ship clothes anywhere and it is a lot more eco-friendly because it reduces the carbon footprint of every garment by 93%. Within a year, we will be at 99%.”

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