Perfect Eucal laundry detergent selected as “the Best of 2021”

Perfect Eucal laundry detergent was selected as "the Best of 2021"

Perfect Eucal laundry powder has been awarded as the best detergent for 2021. This award was given by after comparing a total of 81 laundry detergents available in Australia.

ProductReview commented Euca (trade name of Perfect Eucal in Australia) ▲ effectively cleans clothes, ▲ doesn’t leave residues, ▲leaves pleasant smell and ▲doesn’t cause skin irritation.

ProductReview said the following in its review: “Feeling good about yourself is easier when you feel great about your clothes, and your clothes are only as good as the laundry detergent you use on them. With a variety of washing powders and liquids on the market that all claim to work wonders on your laundry, getting the latest scoop on what to look for in a detergent is a good place to start.”

“While we’re by no means going to end the powder vs. liquid debate once and for all, understanding the differences between detergents will help you find something that suits you, your washing machine, and your laundry.”

ProductReview explained that the pros of powder detergents are ▲ better at stain removal, ▲ the cheapest choice, ▲ lasts longer and ▲ have more eco-friendly packaging. On the other hand, they can ▲ leave residue on clothing, ▲ isn’t effective in cold washes and ▲ could cause potential damage to your washing machine over time due to undissolved powder.

ProductReview added Perfect Eucal offers all the benefits of a powder detergent while eliminating all the cons.

One of the actual users, Chris, gave it a 5 star rating, saying “My son is both a tradie and sportsman and Euca keeps all of his clothes clean and fresh. It is also great for the rest of the family.”

Shellie Hong, president of Team Products that imports and distributes Perfect Eucal laundry products in US said “we’re so happy that we were selected as the best when there are so many products claiming to be the best” and added “you will fall in love with it once you give it a try.”

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