Our YouTube Channel received over 36,000 views

The Korean Cleaners Monthly YouTube channel, Cleaners Monthly Channel, has received over 36,000 views since its inception. And as of January 31st, it received close to 5,500 views in the last 28 days. Viewers are mostly from United States (70%) and South Korea was a distant second with 19%.

Cleaners Monthly channel currently has “Wetcleaning by  Sohn” and “Dr. Spot” by Bob Edwards from A. L. Wilson Chemical. New contents on drycleaning machines and shirts units are being developed. Interviews with allied traders and drycleaners are also being planned.

Cleaners Monthly channel statistics are as follows according to the analytics by YouTube Studio.

Mobile phone is the most preferred device

For the last 28 days, 3,930 views, or 71.9% out of 5,467 total views were on mobile phones. 913 views or 16.7% was on computers. TVs accounted for 353 views or 6.5% and tablets 271 views or 5.0%.

Viewer age ranges from 45~64

Cleaners Monthly channel viewers are understandably above middle age. 55~64 years were 53.8% and 45~64 years were 40.6%. 65 years and older were 2.9% and 25~44 years were 2.6%.

Viewers are mostly men

Viewers of the channel were mostly men with 86.2%.

Viewers are from United States and South Korea

Cleaners Monthly channel viewers are mostly from United States with 70.0%. South Korean accounted for 19.3%.

Non-subscribers outnumber subscribers

According to YouTube Studio, non-subscribers (72.9%) outnumbered subscribers (27.1%) by close to 3 to 1 margin. It remains to be seen more viewers decide to register as a subscriber.

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