Our YouTube channel has surpassed 110K views!

Our YouTube Channel (“Cleaners Monthly”) has surpassed 110K views since its inception. This is the highest traffic among all the allied traders’ digital presence. According to YouTube Studio analytics, our channel has recorded cumulative 111,583 views as of March 31st.

What’s more encouraging is the fact that our channel has generated over 80K vies in the last 90 days; and close to 50K views in the last 28days.

In other words, about 80% of the total view came in during the last 3 months, a testament to our channel’s growth.

More than half of our viewers were in US and about 20% were in S. Korea. Viewers from Canada, Japan, England, Australia and other parts of the world were present as well.

The number of subscribers increased 42% from 401 on Feb. 22nd to 568 on Mar. 31st. It is obvious most of our viewers are enjoying the channel without subscribing.

Our YouTube Channel currently has about 100 videos and new ones are uploaded every day.

Most popular content is “Wetcleaning by Sohn,” and “Dr. Spot” as well as various Shorts.

Our YouTube videos offer subtitles in 9 languages.

Get 10 Sweepstake entries when you subscribe to our YouTube Channel

As you know, we are having a sweepstake to celebrate our 30th anniversary. You can have only one entry per location but if you subscribe to our YouTube Channel, you get 10.

All you have to do is to go visit our YouTube Channel and click “SUBSCIBE” button. Make sure it changes to “SUBSCRIBED.” Then, choose any of our content and add a comment saying “Subscribed. (Name) (Store Name) (E-Mail).”

You can do the same when you fill out our Sweepstake Entry Form.

Your support will help us a lot to grow as a channel.

30th Anniversary Sweepstakes

2023 is also the year Korean Cleaners Monthly celebrates its 30th anniversary. It started in September 1993 and served as the only source of information for Korean drycleaners and launderers.

Anyone in our industry can enter. One entry for one location. To do that, finish the survey form and send it in. You must answer all the questions to be eligible.

Korean Cleaners Monthly
PO Box 1321, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Or you can take a picture of the finished survey form and email it to the following address:

kcm.john@gmail.com or info@cleanersmonthly.com

30th Anniversary Sweepstakes Entry Form

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