New! Perfec Eucal Conditioner from Team Products

Team Products has announced a new product on its lineup. Shelly Hong, its CEO said “we have been receiving a lot of requests for Perfect Eucal conditioner since they have been using Perfect Eucal detergent for wetcleaning.”

The new Perfect Eucal Conditioner is mainly targeting wetcleaners with increased amount of silicone oil and eucalyptus oil. It is highly concentrated, too. “Compared to regular conditioners, it’s silicone oil content is many times over,” said Hong.

In wetcleaning, the most important factor is the conditioner. Unlike drycleaning, there is no “oil” in wetcleaning and it is the conditioner that makes up for it.

  • It has high content of esterqual cation surfactant, silicone oil and eucalyptus oil to improve touch, reduce wrinkles and make finishing easier.
  • Reduces friction between clothes and clothes and the drum
  • Improves water repellency for improved comfort
  • Faster drying cycle
  • Maintains clothes shape and size
  • Use only 4~6oz for a medium load
  • Use in the last rinse cycle
  • For transportation purposes, it is classified as “non-hazardous.”

“Perfect Eucal Conditioner provides the highest level of protection in wetcleaning, not to mention regular laundry,” said Hong. “You can feel the difference the second you touch it.”

For more information, call (201) 313-7191.

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