National Waste Clean ceases its operation after 30 years

National Waste Clean was the milestone achieved by Kwangsun Ahn, its founder.

National Waste Clean, the only Korean-owned waste hauler in the industry, has announced that it will cease its operation on December 16th. This decision stems from the severe loss of business due to the pandemic as well as unrealistically low fees.

Its CEO Dennis Ahn said “CleanEarth, based in Camp Hill, PA will take over NWC’s account. All calls to NWC will be transferred to CleanEarth.”

CleanEarth is one of the largest special waste companies in America, operating in diverse industries such as aeronautics, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, manufacturing and hospitality. It is entering the dry cleaning industry for the first time.

NWC, founded in 1993, was a monumental achievement of Mr. Kwansun Ahn who worked for years to provide a second option to Korean drycleaners. NWC offered cheaper and friendlier option to them in an area where a monopoly existed.

“I have contacted 5 possible companies and only CleanEarth and Safety Klean showed interest,” said Dennis.

“I chose CleanEarth even though its offer was lower because I wanted to maintain a second option that my father worked so hard for.”

“The business suffered from a long industry downturn and the pandemic was the deciding blow,” said Dennis, adding “It broke my heart to tell the news to my father. It took a long time for him to accept it.”

“I have always told my customers that you need to raise the price by 50%. I guess I did not follow my own advice.”

Dennis advised that it is best to contact CleanEarth to make a new account with them.


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