Metawash: clean in reverse order

John Bae

Mr. John Bae, the owner and operator of Mr. ShoeWash in southern California has introduced Metawash, an out-of-the-box wetcleaning method. Contrary to the traditional thinking, Mr. Bae recommends to wash “in the opposite order.” In other words, use the conditioner before the detergent.

Mr. Bae points out that problems like rough texture, faded color or shrinkage are commonly experienced by first-time wetcleaners. He explains “the right conditioner can prevent those damages but not much can be done once the damages occurred during washing.”

Metawash does washing and conditioning at the same time. It uses a proprietary “AnyClean” soap to do this.

Mr. ShoeWash has been handling not only luxury clothes but also bags, hats, sneakers, rugs, luggage and suede and leather for over 15 years. Mr. Bae says with Metawash “these items come out colorful and soft.” Metawash is also very economical because it uses only AnyClean.

Anywash is a product you can make yourself using regular consumer products and it only costs 14 cents per ounce.

Mr. Bae says “cleaners in Seoul, Chicago, New York, Fullerton and Europe are using Metawash method to do wetcleaning and process luxury good and it’s helping them with the bottom line.”

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