Kwang Lee, past president of KCANJ passed away

Kwanghee Lee, the ex-president of KCA of NJ has suddenly passed away on December 19th. He was the loving husband and fater of 2 children. He was 67 years old.

Mr. Lee was hospitalized for the treatment of COVID-19 at Englewood Hosiptal. Mr. Lee was the founding member of KCA of NJ and served as its 5th president.

Mr. Youngsuk Shin, the current president of KCA-NJ said “he was one of the founding stones of our association” and offered his deepest condolences at his sudden passing.

Mr. Lee is survived by his wife Dongmyung, daughter Youngjoo and husband Joonho Cho, grand children Eunbit and Eunyoung, daughter Jein, husband Jaewon Choi, grandson Siwon.

KCA of NJ has formed a funeral committee in his honer.

His funeral was held at United Presbyterian Church of New Jersey in Bloomfield.

Kwang H. Lee

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