Korean waste disposal service is back!

Ex-manager of the now-closed Korean waste company brings back service for Korean drycleaners

The sudden closure announcement of Korean-owned drycleaing waste service company in last December created a huge turmoil among Korean drycleaners. Thankfully, the turmoil will go away sooner than expected. David Bahng who worked at the Korean waste company for over 8 years has persuaded a solvent and petroleum waste company in Syracuse, NY into creating a drycleaning waster division.

David Bahng

“Korean drycleaners usually send out the waste once or twice a year and the sudden announcement shocked everybody,” said David Bahng. “Even I was notified only one week earlier.”

Mr. Bahng, desperately wanting to help his existing customers, searched far and wide for an alternative and succeeded in getting Solvents and Petroleum Service to commit. The newly-founded drycleaning waste division will primarily operate under vice president Bahng’s command.

SPS, founded in 1946, has been providing waste collection, disposal, recycling and incineration service to industries and automotive market. SPS has owned and operated fully insured and permitted transportation, storage and disposal facilities (TS&D) since 1980. All waste is picked up by SPS owned and operated trucks.

“Korean drycleaners want Korean-language service as well as more affordable price,” noted Mr. Bahng. “I will make sure they get what they want.”

SPS will cover NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA and DC for now and plans to expand its coverage.

“The current turmoil has to end as soon as possible,” said Mr. Bahng. “Once it calms down, I will start to offer solvents and filters in the near future.”

David Bahng: 201-787-6607 / david.bahng@solventsandpetroleum.com

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