Korean Cleaners Monthly opens a YouTube channel

Korean Cleaners Monthly has been reaching out on a social media like Facebook (search: Cleaners Monthly) for some time now. And now, it has opened a YouTube Channel (search: Cleaners Monthly) for more diverse audience.

YouTube channel “Cleaners Monthly” is to offer video contents not possible on printed media. It already has videos from Clean 2022 and tutorials like “Wetcleaning by Sohn” series. It will have more videos in the future on various subjects such as tutorials, interview and equipment.

Wetcleaning by Sohn

As of the end of August, 3 tutorial videos have been released and new ones will follow every Friday. Mr. Sohn, the owner and operator of Evergreen Cleaners in Ardsley, NY has been teaching “wetcleaning for money.”

He also leads www.WetcleanersUSA.com, a group who shares his vision and up-to-date information on wetcleaning.

“People think of ‘Green’ when we mention wetcleaning,” says Mr. Sohn. “But I do wetcleaning to make money.”

“Wetcleaning certainly has a consumer appeal for its green image. But if it was too difficult and had a lower profit margin, I wouldn’t do it. I do it because it is easier and more profitable than drycleaning.”

He is not going to bore you with theories either. He will show you how he actually works in his own shop. In these videos, he goes through his customers’ clothes  with explanations to show how it is done in an actual wetcleaning shop.

“I am always trying to find a better way,” says Sohn. “I hope you keep your mind open like I do.”

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On Facebook

The Korean Cleaners Monthly has been on Facebook since January 2021. You can search by ‘Cleaners Monthly.’ These contents are offered in both English and Korean. Please click ‘Follow’ for updates.

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