How to properly train your CSRs

Your CSRs represent the face of your company. They create a trust between your customer and the work you do. You know the importance of the CSR when you look at the chemical and equipment manufacturers you deal with and the people that represent them. I know that Bob Edwards of Wilson Chemical Company has many loyal followers because of the knowledge he imparts. I do a lot of training for prestigious companies who constantly train their CSR’s. This includes Sudsies, Oceanside Cleaners, Wedding Gown Preservation, Milt & Edie’s, FIRSTCLASS and etc. The proper format that I find is effective to set up:

  1. Fabric knowledge
  2. How to interact with the customer

This is the same format that I use when I train 26 CSRs at Oceanside Cleaners in Jacksonville, Florida.


It is not enough to just talk about fabrics but the CSR should receive a sample of the fabric you are talking about. They should know the difference between silk and polyester as well as the characteristics of the weave including satin, velvet and chiffon. They should know feel and texture of the fabric they are dealing with.


It is one thing to give the CSR knowledge of fabrics but it is equally important to know how they relate this information to the customer. I create a common question and answer to create the best way of relating this information to customers. I very often find myself in disagreement of how others teach.  For example, if a customer comes in with a fancy dress with fancy buttons how should the interaction between the customer and CSR be. Should the CSR tell the customer we will take the buttons off for safety and we will charge you a dollar a button to resew it. I found this approach might be offending to some customers. A better approach might be is to tell the customer that we will guarantee that the buttons will be safe and not tell them what you are doing.


Silk remains a popular fabric even with the ability of polyester. Silk has the combination of properties which makes it very desirable and popular. It is soft and lustrous, smooth, resilient, absorbent and comparatively strong for its fineness. Silk fabrics are luxurious in appearance and feel. It can range from a fine and smooth fabric made from cultivated silk or the rough textured irregular slubbed yarn of raw silk. The vividness and depth of color is unequal when dyes are used on silk.


1. Will the perspiration stain come out of my silk?

Answer-We can take out the perspiration stain but unfortunately the ingredients in perspiration can affect the dyes in silk fabrics. This includes fatty acid, chloride salts, and possible alcohol usage. The cleaning process will ensure that no further damage will occur on the silk.

2. Can my silk be cleaned safely without color loss?

Answer-The mild and environmentally safe solvents that we use does not affect the dyes on silk.

3. My silk seems to have a washed out and faded look. Can it be restored?

Answer-Yes. We have a finishing treatment that will restore feel and depth of color to silk.

Ask your spotter to give the silk mineral oil treatment.

4. My colored silk is faded on the shoulders. Can it be restored?

Answer-Unfortunately, light and impurities in the air permanently affect the dyes on silk. We can remove these impurities preventing further damage and give you more extended wear.

5. Can my silk be wetcleaned safely?

Answer-Yes, we have state of the art wetcleaning equipment, special finishing agents that ensure the silk is returned to you in a new and wearable condition.


The CSR should not be afraid of the customer or questions the customer may ask. They should accept garments with confidence and knowledge that is transmitted to the customer

Dan Eisen

Dan Eisen

Dan Eisen, former chief garment analyst for the National Cleaners Association, offers lecture, consultation and garment analysis service. He is the author of The Art of Spotting. He can be reached at (772) 340-0909, by email at or through his website at Dan Eisen, 274 NW Toscane Trail, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986.

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