EZ Installation kit for EZ Eco Filter

BMK Equipment is offering EZ Installation kit for EZ Eco Filter. This kit provides you with everything you need to install EZ Eco Filter. This kit includes high-quality flexible hose, a must for EZ Eco Filter installation

“I came up with this kit from my experience installing the filter,” said Byungmin Kim from BMK. “If you are located in areas like California, buying this kit will make your work very easy.”

  • Solvent inlet side: ¾” coupling, 1×3/4” bushing, ¾”x3/4” hose bib
  • Solvent outlet side: ¾” 2” nipple, ¾” elbow, ¾” 4” nipple, ¾” coupling, 1”x3/4” bushing, ¾”x3/4” hose bib
  • Drain side: ½” nipple, ½” ball valve, ½” elbow, ½” x5/8” hose bib, ½” swing check valve, ½” tee
  • ¾” flex hose 16 feet
  • 5/8” flex hose 8 feet
  • #10 hose clamps

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