Energy Saving opportunities

As a result from the recent Covid – 19 pandemic, owners of drycleaners and laundries may be feeling the pinch due to decreases in the volume of items being processed and because of inflation. Energy costs are a significant cost to the drycleaning and laundry operation. While we wait for business to restore to the previous levels, identifying and correcting those areas that can save on energy, can prove to make your operation run more efficiently and ultimately provide a cost savings that may help to ease the burden of slower sales. These corrections can increase the life of equipment, improve productivity and improve quality, too.
In many cases, it will be relatively easy to identify an energy saving opportunity that would often be overlooked by plant personnel during busier times. For example, small steam leaks, air leaks or uninsulated piping may often go unnoticed, while a steady stream of steam rising from the roof can indicate one or more steam traps blowing through. All it may take is a quick look around the plant to reveal a number of energy and money saving possibilities.
A list of some of those potential energy saving opportunities.

Drycleaning Machine
• Perform preventative maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
• Keep lint filters clean
• Keep coils free of lint and debris
• Thoroughly clean still regularly
• Ensure all valves, solenoids and controls are in proper working order
• Run only full loads whenever possible
• Use an effective detergent

• Keep press plates clean
• Insulate press heads
• Ensure timers and controls are working properly
• Keep pads and covers in good condition and clean

• Have boilers inspected and tuned in order to operate at maximum efficiency
• If you are not using a boiler treatment, consider starting in order to prevent scale and mineral build-up
• Ensure that your boiler treatment chemical is being used correctly
• Follow your boiler manufacturer’s recommendations for proper blow down procedure and frequency

Steam System
• Check all steam traps, repairing and replacing as needed
• Check condensate pump to ensure it is operating correctly with no leaks
• Use an effective boiler treatment to help prevent scale buildup in the steam system

Piping and Valves
• Ensure that piping is properly insulated
• Repair or replace leaking valves
• Inspect and repair steam leaks in pipe fittings and joints
• Install shut off valves to isolate equipment that may not be used when plant is in operation

Air Compressor
• Check to make sure discharge valve is working properly
• Make sure that the tank is drained daily
• Check air storage tank for leaks
• Repair any air leaks, throughout the plant
• Keep air inlet filter clean

Miscellaneous Items
• Replace burnt out and missing light bulbs
• Turn off equipment as soon as possible, when not in use or no longer needed for the day
• Improve productivity in order to reduce daily equipment operating times

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