End of an Era- Custom Care Dry Cleaners in Danville Shuts Down After Nearly 80 Years

[bnnbreaking.com – 2024.02.27] Custom Care Dry Cleaners, a fixture in Danville for close to eight decades, is closing its doors, signaling the end of an era for the local community and the Jackson family who owned it for almost 60 years. The business, cherished for its on-site services and customer loyalty, has succumbed to the pressures of industry changes, rising costs, and the pandemic’s impact. Robert Jackson, the 80-year-old owner facing health challenges, along with his daughter Angela Caudill, are now bidding farewell to their beloved customers as the business goes up for sale.

Decades of Dedicated Service

Robert Jackson’s journey with Custom Care Dry Cleaners began when he took ownership nearly 60 years ago, establishing a reputation for quality and personalized service. Operating from 320 W. Williams Street, and previously at several other locations, the dry cleaners became known for doing all their work on-site, a rarity in Danville. Over the years, Jackson expanded his operations, running six locations, including laundromats in Covington, and on Logan Avenue and Main Street in Danville. Despite the evolving landscape of the dry-cleaning industry and changing customer habits, Jackson and his daughter Angela have kept the business afloat, adapting to the times while maintaining a close-knit relationship with their customers.

Challenges and Closure

The advent of Covid-19, coupled with increasing utility and supply costs, has placed a significant strain on Custom Care Dry Cleaners. The pandemic, in particular, pressed down on the business as Robert Jackson observed a shift in consumer behavior with fewer items being brought in for dry cleaning. This downturn was reflective of broader trends affecting the industry, signaling a move away from traditional dry-cleaning services. Despite efforts to adapt, these challenges proved insurmountable, leading to the difficult decision to cease operations and put the business up for sale. Jackson, reflecting on the closure, expressed gratitude for the community’s support over the years but acknowledged the reality of the changing times and his health issues as decisive factors in this conclusion.

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