Ecotech drycleaning machine business is not affected by the closure of a korean waste hauler

Ecotech DC machine, 50lbs.

When a Korean waste disposal company abruptly announced business closure last December, inquiries about Ecotech drycleaning machine shot up because of their business partnership. To make a long story short, Ecotech drycleaning machine business is business as usual.

Mr. Euisup Kim, who founded Ecotech said “the partnership is between me and Mr. Ahn who founded the waste disposal company and this relationship has nothing to do with waste company.”

“There is no change whatsoever to the sales and service of Ecotech drycleaning machines and current users will experience no change at all.”

“We currently have machines in stock and 2 more containers are coming in shortly,” said Mr. Kim.

Ecotech drycleaning machine has a unique design feature with no filter cartridge so operating cost is very low. With its oversized refrigeration system and still, it distills all the solvent before one load is finished. So freshly distilled solvent is used for every load for maximum cleaning performance.

Ecotech also has soft-mount suspension with 800rpm extraction to finish one load under 1 hour.

“The reason alternative solvent machines suffer from more odor problem is because all the dirt and water accumulate in the filter housing,” explains Mr. Kim. “Since Ecotech does not have a filter housing, odor problem is rare.”

“The drycleaning business is now getting back to normal and this is not the time to have an odor problem,” said Mr. Kim. “Ecotech will help you to achieve better business growth.”

For more information, you can contact Mr. Kim at (267)516-6222.

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