Catch Both Rabbits!

Korean Cleaners Monthly Will Hold a Sweepstake for its 30th Anniversary

2023, the year of the rabbit, is in front of us. This year is supposed to be the year of a black rabbit. The whole world is concerned with economic downturn. But what goes down must come up. Dry cleaners who survived a long downturn and 3 years of the pandemic should have a bigger share of the pie since 30% have disappeared.

What is especially promising is the fact that work-from-home mentality has waned after many companies announce cuts. All the major cities are encouraging companies to come to the office. This year will bring a slow but sure recovery for us.

A new report from Future Market Insights in New York predicts annual growth of 4.7% for the next 10 years. Laundry and drycleaning market will grow from about $10.9B to $18.2B by 2033. A growth of 67%.

Korean Cleaners Monthly celebrates its 30th anniversary!

2023 is also the year Korean Cleaners Monthly celebrates its 30th anniversary. It started in September 1993 and served as the only source of information for Korean drycleaners and launderers.

We are going to do a Sweepstake to celebrate our 30th year. We haven’t finalized the prize list but it will be quite extensive.

Anyone in our industry can enter. One entry for one location. To do that, finish the survey form and send it in. You must answer all the questions to be eligible.

Korean Cleaners Monthly
PO Box 1321, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Or you can take a picture of the finished survey form and email it to the following address: or

Catch Both Rabbits!

In Korea, there is a say of “Catching both rabbits.” Hopefully, the year 2023 is the year to do just that. May you all have health and prosperity in your family and business.

Happy New Year!

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