An SBA disaster loan has helped the cleaners expand

With the help of an SBA disaster loan, Joe Dunlavy, left, and his grandson, Elias, have expanded their All Star Dry Cleaning and Laundry with new lockers for customers to pick up their clothing after hours.

An SBA disaster loan has helped this small business expand in an unexpected way

Before the pandemic, Joe Dunlavy and his grandson, Elias, had been wanting to expand their All Star Dry Cleaning and Laundry business. Potential growth through an acquisition didn’t work out, but they’ve expanded in an unexpected way with the help of one of the SBA’s low-interest disaster loans.

There are now 24-hour lockers next to the store at 343 S. Greenwich where customers can come at any time to pick up their clothing. There’s also a chute where they can drop off clothes at all hours, too.

“There used to be an insurance agency right between our store and Poblano’s,” Joe Dunlavy said.

The restaurant took part of the space the agency vacated to expand its seating, and the Dunlavys created a lobby with the lockers.

“We were so fortunate that a space became available right next to our main store,” Joe Dunlavy said.

While a lot of cleaners do pick-up and delivery, he said, “We don’t have those big, high-dollar customers that spend a bunch every week.”

He said the lockers are a good way to help his customer base while also helping his grandson at the same time.

Dunlavy said his grandson, who is the manager of the business, has an incredible work ethic and has been working 12-hour days to accommodate customers.

“This was a way to maybe cut his hours back a little bit.”

All Star also has lockers at Opti-Life at 21st and Webb Road. Dunlavy called it a concierge cleaning service where customers can drop off laundry and dry cleaning when they go to work out.