70K views in one month

Our YouTube Channel has received 69,419 views in April

Our YouTube Channel generated 70K views in April, 2023. (Source: YouTube Studio)

Our YouTube Channel (Cleaners Monthly) has received 69,419 views in April. The view record represents an increase of 20,281 views or 41% above March’s 49,138 views. Our YouTube Channel has received a total of 173,972 views since it opened last August.

Our YouTube Channel received only 4,095 views last January so it has grown more than 16 times in 4 months.

This rapid growth is thanks to Shorts contents that receives more than 2,000 views a day. YouTube Shorts are short videos less than 1 minute long so they go to the point right away.

YouTube Shorts

Currently, our shorts are mainly wetcleaning tips from Mr. Myungsik Sohn and we are uploading one a day. If you scan the QR code to the right, you will be directed to our YouTube Shorts playlist.

Our YouTube Channel has diverse contents on wetcleaning, spotting, plant maintenance and exhibits.

The most popular video is Wetcleaning by Sohn series and its first episode has received more than 2,100 views.

Our Channel currently has more than 140 videos.

Our channel subscribers have grown by 122 to 690 at the end of April. The low subscriber number suggests most viewers are enjoying our contents without subscribing first. Since the number of subscribers is an important gauge of any channel, we ask our readers to visit our channel and click SUBSCRIBE button.

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