Wetcleaning by Sohn, E2, Dark-Gentle load

Mr. Sohn shows you how he wetcleans his Dark-Gentle load.

Dark-Gentle Load:

  1. Dark color, relatively clean, wool & silks
  2. Neutral detergent, no fragrance, 1 oz per 10 piece / silicone conditioner, 1 oz per 10 pieces
  3. Water temp: 35℃(95℉)
  4. Water level: Enough to fully submerge all the clothes
  5. Drum rotation: 1 rotation per minute
  6. Wash time: 20 minutes
  7. Natural drain
  8. Rinse with conditioner for 3 minutes
  9. Gentle extraction – when hung, couple of drops of water falling
  10. Hang dry overnight 11. Tumble dry at low temperature the next morning

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