Wetcleaning by Sohn, E10, Dark Regular Load

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Mr. Sohn shows you how he processes the Dark Regular loads. Unlike Gentle, Regular loads go to the dryer after washing.

[Dark-Regular Parameters]

  • Neutral detergent, no-scent: 5 oz per 5 gallon of water
  • Water temp: 35 ℃ (95℉)
  • Water level: 2/3 the height of clothes
  • Drum rotation: 4 times per 25seconds
  • Wash cycle: 20 minutes
  • Natural Drain
  • Rinse with silicone-based conditioner (1oz per 10 pieces)
  • Strong extraction
  • Tumble Dry

[Tumble Drying Parameters]

  • Load size: clothes should be able to move freely inside the drum
  • Drying Temperature: Low~Medium (*Drying temperature does not really matter.)
  • Drying Time: Check frequently and remove dry clothes

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