ShoeWash introduces ‘Form Dry’ method

Mr. John Bae who started Mr. ShoeWash in 2002, has introduced a new way of cleaning and finishing garments called Form Dry. This method utilizes a consumer styling product like Samsung AirDresser or LG Styler.

Mr. Bae said “Form Dry not only removes odor and wrinkles, but also sterilize at the same time. Since it leaves a soft finish on garments, it is a better fit for luxury items.” He also pointed out that Form Dry does not require presser labor.

While consumer stylers use only air and steam, Form Dry employs ‘Wash Mix,’ a proprietary mix of consumer soap and chemicals.  With Wash Mix, one can wet clean a batch in less than 10 minutes without using any other chemicals.

“Since you mix your own batch using our proprietary mix ratio, it can be made for less than $4 per gallon,” said Mr. Bae. Wash Mix not only intensifies color but also imparts luxurious sheen on clothes.

It can be used on shoes, bags, leather goods, hats, dolls, gloves, UGG boots and leather shoes. You can also spray Spraying Mix on already washed items.

LG Styler or Samsung AirDresser can hold up to 6 hangers at a time and can process 10~15 items per hour. They do not take a lot of floor space and all it needs is an electric plug, so if you want, you can add additional units without difficulty.

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