Sheffield dry cleaner Abbey Glen accused of disturbing residents

Abbey Glen has been accused by nearby residents of anti-social behavior
[ – 2022.03.09] Householders have criticized an industrial dry cleaner for creating noise and smells which they say have affected their sleep and mental health.

Almost 200 names were on a petition presented to Sheffield City Council about the Abbey Glen site in Carley Drive, Westfield.

Residents have complained about noise and a “burnt starchy chemical” smell.

A spokesperson for the business said it was “a good neighbor” and had been “falsely accused by a small minority”.

Sean Corey, who presented the petition, said problems began when the dry cleaner, which runs for 18 hours a day, five days a week, moved to its current base on an industrial estate surrounded by houses in 2001.

Mr. Corey said people who lived nearby were “angry, annoyed and feel badly let down”.

He added: “We are ordinary people whose lives have been ruined. All we want to do is to get to sleep at night and enjoy being in our gardens and homes.

“There’s a severe decline of residents’ mental and physical health.

“If this is allowed to continue or get worse, parts of this area will become uninhabitable.”

Abbey Glen said it was working with the council to reduce noise at the site,

The company said: “We have been falsely accused by a very small minority of various things since we began operations at Carley Drive.

“We have been and are trying to be a good neighbor and have brought much-needed employment and investment to the area, with significant numbers of local people now employed with us.”

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