Quality check points

As the drycleaning industry attempted to return to normality, it is time to check the drycleaning quality. We would want to know that we are returning the garment to a new and original condition ready for wearing. The drycleaned garment should be bright, white and free of stains. There are many ways the drycleaner can check the quality of the drycleaning system. The drycleaner must be aware of factors that contribute to redepostion.

  1. White cotton fabric test
    Run a white cotton fabric in a light load. Compare it to the uncleaned fabric for graying, difference in color and redepostion.
  2. Silk fabric test
    Run a small silk fabric in a drycleaning load. If the fabric becomes badly wrinkled, it is a sign of moisture.
  3. Solvent color
    The color of the working tank should be amber color of beer but no darker.
  4. Cloudy Solvent
    Cloudy or milky solvent means water is present.
  5. Solvent temperature
    The higher the solvent temperature, the higher the chance is for dye bleeding, wrinkling and redeposition. Over 90℉ means hot solvent.
  6. Filter pressure
    If the pressure is too high, it means the filters are clogged. If the pressure is too low, it means a hole in the filter or a faulty pump.
  7. Solvent flow
    Check the time it takes to fill the wash wheel with solvent through the filters. If it takes more than one minute, you have a poor solvent flow.
  8. Classification
    Classify according to color and fabric. Remember red, vivid color, suede, leathers and spandex blended fabrics are bleeding problems.
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Dan Eisen

Dan Eisen, former chief garment analyst for the National Cleaners Association, offers lecture, consultation and garment analysis service. He is the author of The Art of Spotting. He can be reached at (772) 340-0909, by email at cleandan@comcast.net or through his website at www.garmentanalysis.com. Dan Eisen, 274 NW Toscane Trail, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986.