New Name, New Website

The Korean Cleaners Monthly is reborn in 2021. Starting this year, its name won’t have ‘Korean’ in it. The reason for it is because we are offering English contents as well as Korean. Our website has also changed to This new website is mobile-friendly so that you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Website in English & Korean

Cleaners Monthly has become the only publication that supports both English and Korean. We have been receiving many phone calls asking for an English version. These calls came from English-speaking people who bought a Korean store, 2nd generation Koreans who is more comfortable with English or people who wanted to show it to their employees. Until now, our response has been an apology.

When the whole industry was hit with COVID-19, we realized we need to change. We also had to admit we became comfortably complacent after nearly 30 years at the top.

And the conclusion was it was time we offered English contents. It would be best if we can print in both languages but give the current situation, increasing the page count and print quantity so drastically was a practical impossibility. For new, we will offer English contents on our new website only.

More contents on our website

The new website,, offers more contents than our print magazine. Contents that didn’t make it into the magazine due to space or time constraints will be uploaded to the website. And you can access it anytime, anywhere on your phone.

▲ English contents – When you go to, home page in English will greet you. If you click “한국어” button, Korean contents will show. You can switch between languages by clicking the language button.

▲ New contents uploaded constantly – In prints, you receive new contents once a months. On our new website, new contents are uploaded constantly. And you can view new contents in the “Recent Stories” section at the bottom of our web page.

▲ Videos – Videos are one thing a magazine can never show. Our new website will carry many interesting videos.

▲ Flipbook – Past magazine issues are available as flipbooks that are downloadable.

▲ Search articles – As we put more contents on our website, you will be able to search articles you want using key word, or tags.

▲ Business directory and reader comments – This functionality is not ready yet but you will soon be able to search for allied traders on our website. Readers can also post comments on stories.

Smartphones have become a necessity in our daily lives. And you should enjoy our new website on your phones. Not once a month but anytime and anywhere. You can enjoy news stories, multiple pictures, and even videos. Through comments, you will be part of the stories. We admit our new website has a long way to go but your continued support will make a great place to visit.

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