New! EZ Echofilter

EZ Ecofilter can not only replace the conventional cartridge filters but also replace the distillation unit.

Its developer, Mr. Eui Sup Kim who is known for his Ecotech drycleaning machines points out “as you know, the Ecotech drycleaning machines do not have any conventional filters.” “It is one of the main reasons why it does not have a solvent odor problem.”

“The unavoidable shortfall of the conventional filters is the fact that during its usage of 3~6 months, all the contaminants from dirty clothes are kept in the filter housing,” said Kim. “So, even if you put in new solvent, the second it passes through the dirty filters, it gets polluted.”

When contaminants stay in the filter housing for a long time, there is a higher risk of solvent odor when moisture and oxygen are present.

For comparison, a distillation unit recovers regenerated solvent and all the contaminants are left in the still. In other words, contaminants are completely removed from the solvent stream.

EZ Ecofilter allows the user to monitor the filter condition frequently and replace the filter media when necessary. Its filter media is Tonsil powder and DE powder. The user can also add activated carbon.

Tonsil powder’s advantage over the conventional cartridge filter is the fact that it can “adsorb” fatty acids dissolved in the solvent. On the other hands, the conventional cartridge filter can only “absorb” so it cannot remove fatty acids.

This is why solvent distillation is still necessary to remove fatty acids to prevent solvent odor problem. With EZ Echofilter, Tonsil powder does the work of solvent distillation.

“The biggest drawback of the conventional cartridge filter is its expense,” said Kim. “Filter replacement of 3 housing can easily cost more than $5,000.”

EZ Echofilter can maintain crystal clear solvent quality for a fraction of that cost. And there is no hazardous waste disposal expense.

The only caveat is the fact that its user must monitor the filter media at least every other day. On the bright side, it takes less than 5 minutes to do a filter maintenance.

“I developed EZ Echofilter for no-cooking machine users,” said Kim. “But even cooking machine users can use it to reduce filter cost.”

“I am putting all my energy to AquaMax wetcleaning machine,” said Kim. “So, I chose KC Mfg. to make and distribute EZ Echofilters. If you are currently having difficulties due to high filter cost, please give them a call.”

EZ Echofilter is made in America using the high-quality 304 stainless steel. Its patent is currently pending.

For more information, please call (551) 888-9949.

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