It’s time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring is upon us. Every spring, we see “Spring Special” everywhere. After cold and dingy winter, bright spring weather is sure to boost people’s mood and marketers are not going to miss this golden chance. Drycleaners are no exception. It’s time for a Spring Cleaning!

1. Store sign

The store sign is the literal face of the business. Replace it or give it a through cleaning at least. LED signs with various phrases will draw customers’ attention.

2. Front window

A dirty front window is sure to offend the customers on their way in. If you haven’t been diligent with its cleaning, go ahead and clean it now.

3. Paint

The third component of the store’s face is the paintwork. If you have been happy with the paint for the last 10 years or so, it’s time to run to Home Depot. If new paint is not doable, at least give it a thorough cleaning.

4. Counter area

Keep the counter area tidy and clean. It is one of the most used expressions in the industry. If you have a carpet, it is probably dirty with salt. You can rent and use a steam cleaner. Or you can give it a good washing and finish with wet/dry vacuum.,

5. Exhaust fan

Exhaust fans are dust and lint magnet. One on the wall gets occasional cleaning but what about one on the roof? Go up there and you will be shocked at how dirty it is. Check the belt’s tension, too.

6. Steam pipe insulation

One of the best energy-saving tools is the steam pipe insulation. If parts of it is exposed or damaged, replace the insulation. Summer is coming soon so do not procrastinate with the insulation.

7. Boiler room

If you have blocked off the exhaust fan during the winter, it’s time you opened it and gave it a good cleaning.

8. Lint cleaning in the production area

Check the equipment for lint. Old lint can be sticky with oil so, you may need a scraper. Oily lint is a fire hazard and caused many drycleaner fires.

9. Press pads and covers

Finishing equipment need pads and covers in good condition. Especially so for the shirts unit. Pads and covers past their useful life will hurt the efficiency and quality of finishing work.

10. Work in manageable portions

Who wouldn’t appreciate a thorough Spring Cleaning? But it is like putting a bell on the cat’s neck.

Of course, using a cleaning company is the easy way out. If not, clean with your staff on a slow day. Asking them to clean their own equipment is reasonable.

If you’re serious about Spring Cleaning, do it in manageable portions. Sign cleaning on one day, window cleaning on another and so forth. Doing it in manageable portions will make Spring Cleaning more doable. Even if you don’t go all the way, at least you have finished some of it.

Don’t think untidy and dingy store is an acceptable reality. The customers will beg to differ.

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