Giving a used washer a new life: DN Tech control box conversion system.

With so many stores closing, there is an abundant supply of used washers. Used washers offer excellent value but unreliable control panel could be a problem. If it has old analog timer system, it is not only cumbersome to use but also hard to repair. Newer digital controls are better but can be very expensive to repair. Fortunately, multi-function control box from DN Tech offers a perfect solution to this dilemma of getting a used washer.

With over 25 years of experience as coin laundromat specialist in southern California, DN Tech has been installing this replacement controls for the last 15 years.

Do You, the owner of DN Tech, said digital controls started to replace analog controls about 15 years ago. And with this change, so many reusable washers were being thrown away because of the outdated controls. That’s why he starting developing his digital inverter control system for old washers. He said “over 50 coin laundries are using my system without a problem for over 10 years.”

He also started modifying washers for a dry cleaner about 2 years ago when a dry cleaner asked him to convert an old coin washer with extra controls for spin speed, tumbling speed, water lever and so on. This led to a new control system that not only allows used coin washers to be used at a dry cleaner but also makes wet cleaning possible.

He has been supplying this control system mainly in California but now he has this new control box that can be shipped nationwide.

DN Tech Control Box offers following advantages:

  •  Compact size: 12x13x16”, 13 lbs.
  • Simple installation. No need for a technician.
  • Converts all used washers to digital inverter system.
  • Uses custom design PC boards from Korea and Delta inverter.
  • Regular shirts laundry (high spin)
  • Wet cleaning wools, silks and other fabrics.
  • Choice of multiple wash and rinse mode.
  • Complete control of drum rotation.
  • Low price/cheap repairs.

“Other than wearable parts like valves, washer’s problem areas are PC board, inverter and motor,” points out Mr. You, adding “with so many functions manufacturers put into new washers, there are so many confusing error signs, making repairs very hard and expensive.”

What sets DN Tech Control Box apart from other similar systems is its stellar reliability that’s been proven for over 10 years. So much so that Mr. You is confident that the frame and drum will wear out befor his control box.

DN Tech offers 1 year warranty. For more information, please call (323) 333-6066. Its website is

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