Dr. SPOT, E11 – Bleaching, Part 5

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Mr. Bob Edwards from A.L. Wilson Chemical explains how to remove a remaining stain with a bleach. In part 5, he wraps up this series by going over bleaching tips.

A. Oxidizing Agents

  1. Sodium Perborate. Alkali + RiteGo. Neutralize (sour) with Acetic acid.
  2. Sodium per carbonate. Alkali + RiteGo. Neutralize with Acetic acid.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide. Neutral. + RiteGo. Accelerate with Ammonia. Flush
  4. Sodium hypochlorite. Alkali. Neutralize with DroGo B.
  5. Potassium Permanganate. Acid. Neutralize with Reducing Agents and hydrogen peroxide.

B. Reducing Agents

  1. Sodium Bisulfite / metabisulfite (ColorGo). + RiteGo. Acid. Accelerated with RustGo
  2. Sodium hydrosulfite (DroGo B). + RiteGo. Acid. Accelerated with RustGo
  3. Titanium Stripper (YellowGo). Acid + RustGo.

C. Control of bleaches

  1. Dilution
  2. Temperature + or –
  3. Soak time, or application time + or -.
  4. Testing

D. Bleaching Tips

  1. Gloves and eye protection
  2. No metallic fibers.
  3. Every 15 degrees in soak temperature doubles bleaching power.
  4. Remove stain ingredients first.
  5. In a soak, keep garments covered with Terry cloth
  6. In a soak, move garments around periodically.
  7. With base colored garments test first, and when soaking, do not walk away and forget the soak.
  8. Never mix bleaches, flush thoroughly.
  9. Use reducing bleaches first, especially with dyes and ink.
  10. On residual tannin stains use oxygen bleaches … peroxide, perborate or per carbonate.
  11. Oxidized oil stains use PermaGo. (Potassium Permanganate)
  12. To brighten colors, use hydrogen peroxide or sodium Perborate.
  13. To whiten garments oxidized over time use DroGo B (Hydrosulfite based product.)
  14. Do not use potassium Permanganate or Chlorine bleach on wool or silk.
  15. Use hydrogen peroxide on wools or silk because of it neutral to acidic chemistry.

Bob Edwards
Regional Vice President
A. L. Wilson Chemical Co.

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