Dr Spot, E1 – 5 Steps of Stain Removal

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Mr. Bob Edwards from A.L. Wilson Chemical explains five steps in stain removal. Follow these steps, and you will work more efficiently at stain removal.

Simple Stain Removal Steps

Step 1: Remove Soils, Oils and Grime (SOG). Use EasyGo on the dry side or RiteGo on the wet. This step will also serve as a neutral lubricant if necessary.
Step 2: Remove heavier Paints, Oils and Grease (POG). Use TarGo EF or InkGo on the dry side, Laundry TarGo on the wet. Complex stains contain several components. Remove oily components first.
Step 3: Remove stains that come from plants (tannin stains). Use BonGo on wine, coffee, tea, etc.
Step 4: Remove stains that come from the body (protein stains). Use QwikGo on the board to remove milk, blood, etc. Use SoGo “1” for large area protein stains.
Step 5: Remove residual dyes. Use YellowGo on white or color-fast fabric to remove unwanted dye or residual ink. Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Percarbonate can also be helpful.

Bob Edwards
Regional Vice President
A. L. Wilson Chemical Co.

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