Any machines you want, anyXpress

Three prominent mechanics in NY/NJ area have joined hands. Steve Ahn from NJ Express Equipment, Jay Byon from Any Machinery and Peter Lee from NeedParts have formed a new equipment company, anyXpress.

“We are dealers of different brands so, you can have the most selection from us,” said Mr. Ahn. “Just as our names suggests, we can get you any and all machines.”

“When we first came up with this idea, a lot of people worried our distinctly different personalities would cause problems,” said Mr. Byon. “But our different paths will help create a even bigger harmony.”

“When you need a machine service, sometimes you have to wonder who serviced what,” said Mr. Lee. “Well, anyXpress will sell, install, service any brands of machine. It is your one-stop shopping spot.”

anyXpress plans on entering not only drycleaning but laundromat, commercial laundry, hotel, public establishment and government contracts.

anyXpress offers one-stop shopping opportunity for not only equipment but also supplies through CleanX Supply.

For more information, please call Steve Ahn (201) 615-2306, Jay Byon (201) 739-9294, and Peter Lee (201) 500-5432.

From left, Steve Ahn, Jay Byon and Peter Lee

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