Affordable Waste hauling service for NY, PA & CT

David Bahng

Syracuse, NY – Drycleaners in NY, PA and CT now has a reliable and affordable waste hauling service. Solvents & Petroleum Service (SPS), headquartered in Syracuse, NY has appointed David Bahng from NWC to head Dry Cleaning division.

“Ever since NWC has closed down its operation, many drycleaners are forced to use expensive and inconvenient waste hauling serive,” said David. “SPS is actively working to expand its service area to MA, NJ, RI, NH, DE, MD and VA.”

SPS is a giant in auto & trucking, HVAC, energy, chemical and recycling industry and is now a supplier of high-purity hydrocarbon solvent.


SOLTRO 130 is synthetically derived from hydrocarbon to achieve the highest purity. Thanks to its high purity, it has exceptionally low odor and toxicity.

“Every cleaner who used SOLTROL 130 has noticed its low odor,” said David. “Since SPS produces its own chemicals, it can offer higher-quality SOLTROL 130 at a lower price.”

Combine 2 services for even more discount

“If you are currently using our waste hauling service, you can save even more when you buy hydrocarbon solvent from us,” said David. “SPS stands by you from new solvent to spent solvent.”

SPS is hiring

“The Dry Cleaning division is growing fast and I need someone who would work with me,” said David. “You can work from home, will be given a phone and a laptop with many more benefits. The starting wage is $23/hour.

For more information, call David Bahng at (201) 787-6607 or email to

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